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Penelope oversaw the voter registration of tens of thousands of MSU students each Fall through her efforts with the East Lansing Progressives.  Her work helped elect Democrats up and down the ballot across Ingham County.
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Penelope's company is credited with the success of many measures, including: 
  • Developing the ballot language of 2018’s Proposal 2 - Voters Not Politicians - to create the independent citizens redistricting commission - and oversee the protection of their petitions from Republican challenges.
  • Working with a coalition of progressive organizations to stop dangerous initiatives like those led by Right to Life and anti-labor groups.
  • Consultation with school districts across the state to develop and pass their millages to build new schools, update technology, and remodel.
  • Working with labor unions to support ballot initiatives to help working families.
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Penelope was named Volunteer of the Year by the Ingham County Democratic Party and Distinguished Volunteer by the Michigan Democratic Party for her work supporting Democratic causes and candidates over the years. 

The armed protest at our state Capitol was just a dry run for the insurrection that took place in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021.  Disinformation and lies have overtaken much of the Republican party and creeped its way into our legislature.  In return, countless bills have been introduced to challenge election integrity, usurp public health officials, make it harder to vote, and create greater division.


I have twenty years experience in elections and have been on the frontlines for meaningful reforms, like ending gerrymandering and increasing access to the ballot.  I’m uniquely qualified to fight back against these conspiracy theories and look forward to leading this effort as your State Representative:

  • Fight back against Republican attempts to limit absentee voting and ballot access.


  • Support legislation to make it a crime to misrepresent the intention of a ballot initiative to the public.


  • Ban weapons from the Capitol.


  • Protect election officials from threat and harassment for doing their jobs.


  • Increase penalties for those that falsify affidavits, continuously file frivolous lawsuits, or lie under oath in attempts to steal elections.


"As the Chief Elections Official in Ingham County, I have experienced, firsthand, Republican attempts to subvert our democracy, spread conspiracies, and attempt to disenfranchise voters.  That’s why we need Penelope: to fight back against these attacks with her deep knowledge of the election process, and how to protect it. 

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I have worked alongside Penelope for nearly twenty years, and, as a former state legislator myself, know she will get the job done.  I served as Clerk during two of her terms as an Ingham County Commissioner.  Her experience and leadership is simply unmatched in this race.

There’s just too much at risk; that’s why I’m supporting Penelope. I encourage you too, as well."

Barb Byrum

Ingham County Clerk and former State Representative

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Penelope founded the Ingham County Young Democrats, an organization to activate young people in Democratic politics and recruit candidates to run for office in rural areas.
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