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I am a product of Michigan’s public school system.  My father is a retired professor that taught graduate level courses across Europe and at Wayne State University in Detroit.  My mother spent part of her career working as a librarian and teaching an ethics course at my school.  Needless to say, the importance of education is deeply ingrained in me. 


I am committed to supporting equitable access to a quality education for all Michigan’s children:

  • Address the teacher shortage in Michigan with plans to recruit, retain, and respect educators.

  • Increase funding to public schools through the state budget process by cutting tax loopholes to large corporations.


  • Support our hard working teachers, administrators, and support staff during these especially challenging times by listening to their needs and seeking their advice and best practices.


  • Make college, and vocational and trade schools accessible and affordable to all Michigan’s kids by lowering tuition and supporting programs like the Michigan Promise Scholarship and grant programs.


  • Support early-childhood education through programs like the Great Start Readiness Program, early-preschool entry, and pre-kindergarten programs.


  • Ensure all children feel safe and welcome by creating inclusive environments through increased guidance counselors and social workers in schools, increased mental health support and training for school personnel, and diversity

  • programming​.

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