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I started my campaign on a cold March day knocking on doors in Laingsburg.  The first person I spoke with told me I had to check out Twilliger's for lunch.  So we did - and we loved it!  With advice from voters across this new district, I’ve enjoyed sandwiches at the Dairy Den, cinnamon rolls at Tammy’s, and great pizza at Main Street Cafe and Pizza.  I’ve discovered fun parks for my daughter to enjoy and great places to kayak that I never knew existed!  You’ve taught me about local government and politics, invited me to festivals and community events, and I’ve made many new friends across Clinton and Shiawassee counties.

You’ve graciously invited me into your living rooms, spoken with me on your front porch, and called me with questions or advice.  I couldn’t be more appreciative of the opportunity to get to know you.

What I found to be really inspiring is the sheer number of people that answered their door and told me I was the first Democrat to ever knock on their door and to share their excitement about finally having a Democratic representative in Lansing thanks to this newly-drawn district.

I wholeheartedly believe that showing up really matters.  That’s why I’ve been committed to showing up and really getting to know you and your community since I started campaigning.

And I promise to keep showing up for you once I get elected, too.

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End health care inequities for rural communities through increased access to physical and mental care, more facilities, telehealth, mobile clinics, and easier access to prescriptions.  Incentivize medical students, doctors, and care providers to operate in rural communities.

Prioritize using American Rescue Plan Act funds to expand broadband internet service to rural communities.  At this time, there are hundreds of millions of unspent funds sitting in the legislature waiting to be budgeted.  As a legislator representing rural communities, I will advocate to have these funds used to expand broadband service so families, farmers, students, and business owners have access to the necessary internet speeds required to operate in this environment.  

Fix the road-funding formula to ensure rural communities are not unfairly left out when it comes to fixing their roads and bridges.

Support a broad-based curriculum in our public schools ensuring all children have opportunities to succeed and have access to higher ed, or vocational / training schools.  Provide rural schools with the funds needed to ensure teachers and students have the tools they need to be successful.

Advocate for our farmers and small businesses.

Hold regular listening sessions in rural parts of the district and assign a legislative staffer to focus on these communities and their issues.

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