Penelope is a mother, attorney, small business owner, former Ingham County

Commissioner, and Democratic activist with deep roots in our community.


She's spent her career providing defendants with a rigorous defense in the

courtroom, meeting payroll and providing health insurance to her employees,

listening to constituents and building consensus to get work done, and fighting

for our Democratic values.


As Ingham County Commissioner, she spearheaded two transformative initiatives, creating dozens of jobs and bringing $30 million of investment to our community.


Her experience, leadership, and expertise is simply unmatched.
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My friend, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has faced more in her first term than any public servant should ever have to endure - a deadly pandemic, obstructionist Republicans and the wrath of their maniacal president, and a terror plot.

And through it all, she's had our back.  She deserves an ally from our district to have her back, too.

Though I likely won't always agree with the Governor, I am committed to working with her administration to get results for our district and having her back against the endless partisan attacks she endures.
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To be an effective public servant requires one to build trust, lead, and work with those you might not agree with while never compromising your values.  
It's about building consensus.  It takes leadership.  Penelope's is simply unmatched. 
It's why she was able to build strong working relationships with both Democrats and Republicans to get things done and has earned the support of so many current and former Ingham County Commissioners and other elected officials.
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Penelope accomplished more in her three terms as an Ingham County Commissioner than most accomplish in their entire elected careers - she spearheaded the $20+ million Ingham Parks and Trails millage to improve and expand our vast trail system and Penelope was the leader on the $7 million millage and campaign to build Ingham's new animal shelter building.  She worked to bring the nation's first urban snow park to Lansing and improve the Potter Park Zoo.  
Experience isn't just a political buzz word for Penelope, it's how she gets real results.
Penelope's diverse career as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual assault, work as a defense attorney, Democratic activist, and owner of a small business offers her unique expertise and experience to get the hard work done in the legislature.  Below are just a few of her top priorities, click below to read her plans for these important issues. 
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As State Representative, I’ll never take a vote without first considering the environmental impact it will have on our state - the Great Lakes state.  Protecting our natural resources and water are of the highest importance to me.

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Environment & Great Lakes


Showing up matters.  That's why I've committed so much of my campaign to meeting voters in across this new district, including in Clinton and Shiawassee Counties.  I'll be a strong advocate for expanding rural health care, investing in broadband access, and supporting our farmers and small businesses.

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Rural Michigan


I am a product of Michigan’s public school system.  My father is a retired professor that taught graduate level courses across Europe and at Wayne State University in Detroit.  My mother spent part of her career working as a librarian and teaching an ethics course at my school.  Needless to say, the importance of education is deeply ingrained in me. 


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Quality Public Education

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It goes without saying that it is unacceptable that women are still fighting the same battles my grandmother was sixty years ago.  It’s time to win these fights once and for all.


Ensuring a more equitable future for my daughter is something I will fight for each and every day as your representative.

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Women's Issues


As the only attorney in the race, I have a unique perspective and expertise on justice reform issues, having spent thousands of hours doing the groundwork.


As state representative, I’ll use my expertise and passion for justice reform to fight each and every day to ensure all Michiganders are treated with respect and equity under the law.

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Criminal Justice Reform


I’ve long been a supporter of my friends in the LGBTQ+ community, in fact, I served on the East Lansing Human Relations Commission for several years.  This Commission administers East Lansing’s Human Rights Ordinance (the first in the nation adopted by a city over 45 years ago).  I’m proud of the work we did to ensure equitable treatment in housing, opportunity, and civil rights not covered by state or federal law. 

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My mother has a number of pre-existing conditions and getting her access to quality care has always been a struggle.  From filling out countless forms and applications, to denials of care from insurance companies, I have experienced first hand the difficulty so many families go through when it comes to caring for our loved ones - that’s why this issue is so important to me.

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Health Care


Governor Whitmer was elected in 2018 to fix the damn roads and got started as soon as she was sworn in.  Then we were hit with a once in a century pandemic.  But her commitment to get our infrastructure back in shape never ceased and impressive work is getting done as the Spring thaw begins.


As I drive around our district, I’m constantly reminded of the monumental job ahead but know with the right leadership in the legislature, we can take on this task.

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I have over twenty-five years experience working around elections and have been on the frontlines for meaningful reforms, like ending gerrymandering and increasing access to the ballot.  I’m uniquely qualified to fight back against these Right Wing conspiracy theories and disinformation and look forward to leading this effort as your state representative.

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Fight Disinformation &