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Penelope's first job after law school was working as a Victims Advocate at EVE (End Violent Encounters), Lansing’s first shelter, serving survivors of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault,
at the Personal Protection Order office and the Domestic Violence Support Unit in the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office.  
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As an attorney, Penelope offered free legal services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.
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Penelope served on Ingham County’s Women’s Commission, ensuring fair employment practices, equity and equality, meeting women’s needs, and recognizing women’s accomplishments and contributions.

It goes without saying that it is unacceptable that women are still fighting the same battles my grandmother was sixty years ago.  It’s time to win these fights once and for all.


Ensuring a more equitable future for my daughter is something I will fight for each and every day as your representative:

  • Never waver in support of women’s choice and access to health care, including community health centers and contraceptive distribution.

  • Strengthen laws to protect survivors of sexual assault and violence through increased awareness programs, education, reporting standards, and removing statute of limitations on these crimes.

  • Close the pay gap and end hiring and employment discrimination for women. 

  • Support safe, quality childcare so a woman never must choose between a career and being a mother.

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